Talkgroup 41136 - Motorola System Techs

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Talkgroup 41136 - Motorola System Techs

Postby n2deep » Sun Mar 30, 2008 2:28 pm

Talkgroup 41136

I just heard this talkgroup and it was digital. I had unitrunker running and it also showed the talkgroup as digital. At this time the talkgroup had 43 hits.
I see on the RCS there is a talkgroup 41136 (Motorola System Techs), but I heard this on the city TRS
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Postby Brian » Sun Mar 30, 2008 2:34 pm

There is already a thread open for this talkgroup

Maybe one of the Moderator can move this thread over to the first one to keep all the info in 'one thread' easier to keep track of for each talkgroup.

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Re: Talkgroup 41136

Postby OSW » Sun Mar 30, 2008 8:27 pm

n2deep wrote:I see on the RCS there is a talkgroup 41136 (Motorola System Techs), but I heard this on the city TRS

This typically stems from Motorola doing a mock-up at their facility in Illinois. They basically connect the whole system together in a warehouse and configure it for operation. Whomever at Motorola who firsts brings the system online creates a default test TG, or TG's, which is commonly left in place by the customer. So you'll often see specific TG numbers on many systems the same for Motorola techs. Once the system arrives a contractor installs all the racks, which are already pre-wired and tied, and connects the cabling together. Someone like Day Wireless or one of the other hack-job companies in SD typically does this kind of work (I used to work for one before it became "hack-job").

When RCS was first built-out things were a little different. They had like eight or so analog and digital TG groups.

Keep an ear to these talkgroups. You'll learn a lot!

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