My current list of 'unknown' talkgroups on TRS

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My current list of 'unknown' talkgroups on TRS

Postby SkipSanders » Fri Feb 13, 2009 9:58 pm

Here's the current list, from the new UniTrunker (only a day's monitoring, though)

Talkgroup="112" label="Unknown" hits="1"
Talkgroup="4464" label=”Unknown” hits="1"
Talkgroup="9424" label="Unknown" hits="2"
Talkgroup="9456" label="Unknown" hits="1"
Talkgroup="9488" label="Unknown" hits="1"
Talkgroup="9520" label="Unknown" hits="1"
Talkgroup="9872" label="Unknown" hits="1"
Talkgroup="10288" label="Unknown" hits="1"
Talkgroup="10768" label="Unknown" hits="3"
Talkgroup="10864" label="Unknown" hits="3"
Talkgroup="13040" label="Unknown" hits="2"
Talkgroup="15696" label="Unknown" hits="1"
Talkgroup="15888" label="Unknown" hits="1"
Talkgroup="16080" label="Unknown" hits="1"
Talkgroup="20752" label="Unknown" hits="45"
Talkgroup="21360" label="Unknown" hits="1"
Talkgroup="21424" label="Unknown" hits="1"
Talkgroup="21456" label="Unknown" hits="1"
Talkgroup="22512" label="Unknown" hits="59"
Talkgroup="22544" label="Unknown" hits="1"
Talkgroup="22800" label="Unknown" hits="1"
Talkgroup="22864" label="Unknown" hits="13"
Talkgroup="24688" label="Unknown" hits="1"
Talkgroup="24784" label="Unknown" hits="6"
Talkgroup="25040" label="Unknown" hits="24"
Talkgroup="32784" label="Unknown" hits="2"
Talkgroup="49520" label="Unknown" hits="1"
Talkgroup="49584" label="Unknown" hits="1"
Talkgroup="49648" label="Unknown" hits="1"
Talkgroup="49776" label="Unknown" hits="1"
Talkgroup="49808" label="Unknown" hits="1"
Talkgroup="50755" label="Unknown" hits="1"
Talkgroup="51358" label="Unknown" hits="1"

Anyone who happens to know the system, I'd be interested in the proper designations for these. :P

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Re: My current list of 'unknown' talkgroups on TRS

Postby SkipSanders » Tue Mar 24, 2009 10:44 am

Talkgroup 10864 - ID'ed as '1F - Emergency'.
Talkgroup 25040 - 'Plant', 'Lab', 'Security'. Seems to be a security channel at least primarily. Units affiliating with it do not seem to use any other talkgroups. Security (gate) calls lab for authorization to let delivery folks in, with things like caustics, FedEx deliveries.

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Re: My current list of 'unknown' talkgroups on TRS

Postby OSW » Tue Mar 24, 2009 10:43 pm

SkipSanders wrote:Talkgroup 10864 - ID'ed as '1F - Emergency'.
SDUSD. When the emergency button on their radios is pressed the radio jumps to this TG.

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Re: My current list of 'unknown' talkgroups on TRS

Postby mike » Mon Apr 24, 2017 12:10 am

12528 Appears to be San Diego Community College PD new primary dispatch

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